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Use This Network Marketing Tip For 5 Ways To Automate Your Site

Automating your site promotions can be an important step to insure your success in marketing on the Internet. Rather than continually doing things the old manual way, follow up should be automated.

Site promotion tools are a must to free up your time and help increase your efficiencies and productivity if you want to accomplish the many task that are needed to grow your business on a daily basis.

Check out the many forums like “Warriors” and look for people that are willing to do the mundane, daily chores so that you are free to concentrate on more important task, like list management and site promotion.

Use these 5 Internet Marketing Tips to get your site promotion automated ASAP:

1) Set up a Funnel System using an auto responder.

Having your auto responder set up and preloaded with follow-up emails saves you an enormous amount of time, because your prospect hears from you every day or every few days, which ever you choose, and you’re constantly sending them valuable information that they can use.

When following up with a prospect it’s important to remember that most never buy until they’ve heard or seen your offer at least 7 times. Now you can see how important follow up can be.

Two auto responders that I highly recommend are:


or there are also free ones that you can try as well.

2) List Management for Your Mailing List:

Trying to manage a mailing list can become a very hectic and time-consuming ordeal. You have prospects opting in and others wanting to unsubscribe so keeping up with all this activity could get hectic.

Trying to manage a mailing list involving adding your own scripts and buying your own software is a lot more work than just setting up your sales funnel and using an auto responder. You could consider both list management ideas and compare the results with farming out the job to a mailing list manager.

You could also check out these email list management companies like, ezinedirector, mail-list, or These are all for pay sites, but or are free to use.

3) Using Software

Check out the software options that are available to you. You can find it by doing an online search.

Now it’s time to create links to your site and also create links to other sites as well. Connect to sites that do ad swaps, promotions, subscription management or even survey forms, are all good sites to connect to.

4) Next you need to setup ways for customers to pay for your products.

If you’re offering a product or a service, you need some type of payment system that will make it easy for a customer to buy from you. Check out the shopping cart software where you can set up credit card payments, plus pay pal is also big.

5) Tracking

Once you have setup your site and you’ve started to generate traffic from you site promotions, you need to track your traffic so you can measure your results.

I would suggest setting up Google analytics on your site as one way to find out where your traffic is coming from. There are also other tracking services that can even give you more details.

Take a look at these tracking systems: BusiToolz, hyper tracker or adminder are all great to use, plus this will give you information so you know how to generate more traffic, plus be aware of what site promotion is working the best for you.

Best Books For Home Based Business – Read What the Top Income Earners Are Reading!

Readers are leaders. The power of reading good books is staggering. One of the most common elements among great thinkers, people like Einstein, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, etc. is that they all had a massive library, and an even bigger love for reading. This theme continues today as leaders in all industries advocate setting aside at least 30 minutes a day to fuel your brain with great ideas. If we just passively expose ourselves to the media, you can be that we’ll be bombarded with all kinds of negativity. And guess what? Garbage in, garbage out. But if you take the time to inspire yourself with great books, and continue to learn on a daily basis, you’ll stay younger, happier, and be radically more successful than someone of equal “talent” who elects not to read. Here is a list of the best books for home based business, compiled by some of the top network marketers and online business from home entrepreneurs.Best Books for Home Based Business (In no particular order)

The Four Hour Work Week (Timothy Ferriss) -This is an essential guide to the world of entrepreneurship and lifestyle design. Learn everything from cutting edge time management strategies, to how to negotiate a remote work environment (if you currently work for someone else), to how to set up an automated cash flow system to free you from your pay check. A MUST read, top of the list for best books for home based business.
Permission Marketing (Seth Godin) – If you’re involved in internet marketing, network marketing, or if you’re considering starting an online business from home, this is an essential read. Seth breaks down the old paradigms around so called “interruption” marketing, and presents a new paradigm for how to create a long term win-win relationship between you and your prospects/customers/clients/business partners using “permission” marketing strategies and methods. Among the best books for home based business because of the strategic component. So powerful.
Multiple Streams of Income (Robert Allen) – Never rely completely on one single stream of income. Robert Allen has mastered these principles and presents them in a clear and inspiring way.
Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) – Considered by some to be the Bible of business and entrepreneurship, this is a must read for anyone, and clearly had to be on the list of best books for home based business. Learn the classic, timeless principles for success and creating anything that you want in your life.
The People Code (Dr. Taylor Hartman) – If you’re going to be working with people, developing a team or even just interacting with prospective customers, etc. you need to be able to understand what drives them, what interests them, and their primary learning strategy. Dr. Hartman has developed one of the most simple and powerful systems for understanding yourself and others that has ever been put together. Know yourself, understand other people, and you will win.
Power, Freedom and Grace (Deepak Chopra) – Had to include at least one book on the spiritual side of things. When you’re an entrepreneur, you are literally creating something from nothing. In order to do that, you have to understand who you really are, and get in touch with your ability to create anything that you desire. In this, one of his most recent books, Dr. Deepak Chopra lays out the elegant simplicity of who we are and how we can access this power, create our freedom, and live in a state of grace, bringing to us everything we could ever need. To be able to read and to choose not to is equally tragic as not being able to read at all. These are the best books for home based business, but even reading good quality fiction can help keep your brain sharp, and exercise your imagination, getting the creative juices flowing or just helping you relax at the end of your day. The top earners in the world recommend having some time to read in the morning, starting your day with powerful positive thoughts and ideas, and finishing your day with something that will help you relax, be grateful, and appreciate. Everyone is different, but these suggestions for the best books for home based business will definitely start anyone off on a great foot. Readers are leaders. Start today!